Residential Roof Coatings
The roof is the homes first line of defense against moisture and the elements. If your roof is compromised, you will most likely have many moisture issues in your ceiling or walls. This can invite in many unwelcomed guests such as mold, mildew, and even pests. Whenever New Leaf Painting LLC provides any sort of maintanace to a property we always inspect all areas of roofs for moisture issues.

Hard Wash

When roofs go sometime without washing, mold and mildew can grow very aggresively. This is because they are using the previous coating as a foodsource in turn causing the coating to break down and loose integrity. Before any type of work can be done to a residential roof we sanitize and deeply cleanse the surface of any dirt, algae, or mildew in order to provide a sound surface for painting. 

Rot Repair

Small holes or punctures can add up to big problems over time. Just the smallest hole in an area prone to puddleing can cause severe roof damage over time. We check rooftops for soft spot to identify problem areas.

Rot Repair

After all rotten wood is removed and affected areas are aired out we replace the roof back to its original state.

HydroStop System

After all repairs are made, we follow the HydroStop system to water proof affected areas of the roof.

Elastomeric Roof Coating

Finally we apply a thick coating of a silicone elastomeric roof coating. This is a non-organic coating which means that mildew and mold are not prone to use it as a food source. This coating also has a high UV reflection rate which lowers roof temperature as well as lowering cooling costs inside the home.